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"Heat-Resistant Paint PYROSIN"

The special heat resistant paint

which exertes it's power by

Under high temperature.


About Company

Oshima Kogyou Company Limited is a Pyrosin paint manufacturer & Sales of Pyrosin Product, Pyrosin is our registred brand as its a special heat resistant paint which is most effectively perform under any environment of high temperature.
PYROSIN used verious metal parts & products such as steel blast furnace, Petrochemical plant, Heavy Construction plant, Acidic environment, Electric power plant, Nuclear power plant , Agricultural machinery, Automobiles and motorcycles, flue or incineration Plants , kitchenware, etc.
Heat -resistance paints are increasingly advancing in every way of enhancement of verious type of machines correspondence to environment friendly, resource, conservation, energy conservation, As per Heavy industries technologys expectations our company deveploed & keep researches such paints which is cost effective & long-term high anti-rust performance under quick heat temperature or normal enviroments & prevention against pitting corrosion of Nox and Sox.
We wish to be a global company which serves cost effectively contribution to the society & enviroment.

Characteristics of Heat-resistant Paint PYROSIN

・Pyrosin paint having outstanding heat resistance performance capacity.
・Pyrosin paint high adhesion preserves capacity in the coating film for a longer period of time.
・Pyrosin paint Choking observed very rarely because of its high resistance to weather and ultraviolet.
・Pyrosin Paint Discoloration is very low, which makes the beauty of the coated component for a very long period.
・Pyrosin paint anti-rust performance is excellent. Especially, Pyrosin LL type can survive long exposure and very perfect paint for plants.
・Pyrosin paint having high performance workability at any atmospheric & conditions.

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